mListings is launched to help brokers/agents

St Louis, MO (mListings.Properties) STL.News, LLC has created this service to help brokers and agents across the country to get their listings published on MLS publisher sites across the web.

The potential number of sites that you can be listed on is currently 154. That number is subject to change without notice and is beyond our control as the MLS providers control certain area and websites may be taken offline.

Our service is unique and has been designed to fill the open gaps that exist in the real estate online presence.

mListings accomplish two objectives:

  • We help create feeds to syndicate your MLS listings published on multiple sites across the country
  • We will list your office (s) listed in all major online directories like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yelp, GPS systems, Siri, Amazon Alexa and over 100 more online directories that will help consumers searching for brokers/agents in your area
  • Optional service: publish press release (s) on STL.News to help promote new realtors, news unique listings or other special announcements

For additional information email info@MO.Properties or call (417) 529-1133 or (314) 803-8727