How we handle your case

How we handle your case - The Aranda Law Firm

At an initial consultation, which is always free of charge, you are the key player.  Why are you here?  What are your goals?  Is there evidence that will support those goals?  After we understand your positions and desires, we can lay out a path to put you in a position to realize those goals.

After the consultation, with any of the cases described on this website, whether it be a divorce or a guardianship, a case is started by filing a petition.  Once the petition, and any other necessary initiating documents are filed, the opposing parties need to be served.

After the opposing party is served, that is when the real work begins.  Together, utilizing our expertise and experience and your knowledge of the facts of your case, we start developing, uncovering, and obtaining evidence that will be used to support your goals in the case.  The gathering of this evidence is important because, in most cases, depending upon the type of case and the county in which the case is filed, a number of court appearances will be required.  At these Court appearances, it is our job to use the evidence that we have accumulated to persuade the judge to adopt your particular position in the case.

In all cases, there are only two ways to resolve the case.  The first is by settlement, when the parties agree on what the resolution should be.  This is accomplished by convincing the opposing party, his or her attorney, and the judge that your position will prevail at trial.  However, we can’t force the other side to settle.  And, sometimes, the other side will refuse to settle.

If the case cant be resolved by settlement, it has to be resolved by a trial.  A trial is when we present the evidence that we have gathered to the Court.  A trial is a highly technical process, and you should only trust the presentation of your case to a skilled and experienced litigator.

Why we should handle your case

The Aranda Law Firm, P.C.


In the process of growing the practice, we have helped a lot of clients that have a lot of different particular problems and legal issues that need to be solved. By assisting these clients, we have developed a reputation for handling difficult cases.  For finding unique solutions.  For utilizing the law in a way that best fits your needs and goals.


There are a lot of laws.  There are laws in statutes (which are laws passed by the legislature).  There is also law found in prior court decisions.  These laws tell us, and tell the Court, what it should do in any particular situation.

But, not every lawyer knows all the laws in their particular field.  There are many unique and often commonly unused laws and procedures that we have utilized to help clients in the past.  Knowledge of the law, and how it works, is often the difference between winning a case and losing a case.


You are looking for an attorney because you know that you probably can’t handle your case on your own.  In the same manner, I can’t handle the case without you.  You have all the important facts, text messages, and emails in your possession that we need as evidence as your case.  It is essential that we work together so that we can use this information to your advantage.

Family law is also a unique area of law where you might need legal advice at any particular moment in time.  You might need help when the other parent isn’t following the court order.  Or, you might need help when the other parent is ignoring your text messages about your child’s upcoming soccer game.  We absolutely make ourselves available to assist and guide you through these types of scenarios.  Text messages, emails, phone calls.  The only way to effectively litigate the case is to give you the knowledge you need when faced with these emergency type of scenarios.

We believe that it is our primary job to ensure that you understand, at every stage of the case, your options and your likelihood of success on the goals that have been established.  If you understand the concepts and the expectations of the Court, we are better able to ensure that your goals get realized.

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